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(1)Customer provide ID, proof of address and company name to CorpCEO;
(2)Apply Corporate certificate, EIN;
(3)Apply bank account;
(4)Apply online banking;

(5)Customer deposit to the bank account to activate.。

2.Advanatage of Delware company:

-Delaware is one of the least expensive states in which to form an LLC or corporation.
-Delaware allows one individual to act as the shareholder, director, and hold all the executive offices.
-Delaware LLCs and corporations can be headquartered anywhere in the world.
-Aside from a registered agent address, owners are not required to maintain a physical address within the state.
-Company records do not need to be physically located in the state of Delaware.
-Stock can be transferred instantly and privately, without filing a public notice.
-You do not have to be a US citizen to form a regular Delaware C corporation or LLC.
-Delaware does not impose a minimum capital investment requirement for LLCs and corporations.
-Delaware's Secretary of State office offers a wealth of information for managing your LLC or corporate standing.
-Delaware LLCs and corporations offer generous protection (sometimes called indemnity) from personal liability.
-Unlike most other states, Delaware corporations can easily be converted into LLCs and vice versa.
-Delaware LLCs and corporations can be formed without coming to Delaware, using an online incorporator like The Delaware Company. 。

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Paypal Worldfirst Bank of America CorpCEO
Amount$ 1,000,000 1,0000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
Fees$ 1,000,000*2.5% 0 20 0
Currency exchange cost$ 1,000,000*2.5% 1,000,000*4% 1,000,000*1% 1,000,000*0.25%
Final amount$ 950,000 960,000 990,000 997,500